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Will my website be on the first page of Google?

Two of the most common SEO questions we are asked frequently are:

1. Whether someone’s new business website will automatically appear as the first result in their area. (Answer: no! That’s a position that takes a lot of ongoing hard work to achieve.)

2. If we “do their SEO” when we build their website. (Answer: kind of! We’ll explain.)

These are great questions that mean a lot to a new or growing business. SEO is a much, much bigger discussion than most business owners realize. We think there are two essential things to know about Search Engine Optimization.

A, Search Engine Optimization is actually a specialty of its own! Yes, you will find web designers, business strategists / coaches, and marketing professionals with SEO skills (and all of these should at least have a working knowledge of SEO and how it relates to what they offer).

B, Search Engine Optimization is a long game. We tell our clients it’s like growing a beautiful lawn or garden in your yard. It takes time (often months!) to begin to yield results. It takes constant, watchful care and finessing–just like tending a garden. It’s not a one-and-done task.

So, our answer to question 2 above: If we “do the SEO” when we build your website?

Kind of! Every website we create is built with SEO best practices in mind. In other words, we build your website like we’re preparing garden beds. Our best practices create a site that is ready for you (or your SEO expert) to begin that ongoing work of planting and tending a thriving SEO garden.

(Are we taking the garden concept too far?)

Ongoing SEO management is not a service Plethora Creative offers at this time, but we want to set your website up for success in it!

What questions about websites and SEO do you have?

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