Presto Wedding Stream


Easily and beautifully share your wedding with family and friends near and far.

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How It Works

Step 1

You checkout and receive a Getting Started email from us. In addition to a friendly welcome, this email will instruct you on how to purchase a domain name (that’s the address for your new site). If you already own a domain name, we can work with that too. It will also ask you to provide your wedding colors/theme.

Step 2

We install the site (we’re insanely fast at this) and send you a notification. This is where the fun starts…

Step 3

You visit your newly installed site and click the numbered bubbles to provide your customized content. (See examples below…)

What’s the next step? There isn’t one! You just sit back while we do the magic, and within 24 hours of you providing your content, your new site is completed. It’s that simple!

What’s included

This package is designed to make your long-distance / social-distancing wedding live-stream experience more beautiful, at a more affordable price point than my typical custom-built websites.

You get a one-page, private website, customized with your photos, info, and a simple YouTube or Facebook live-stream embed (live-stream must be set up and managed by you. We simply embed it using the link you provide). Domain must be purchased separately unless you’d like a free subdomain. (Your site address would be Hosting is included FREE for one year.

Still have questions?

Feel free to call, text, or email me or view my previous work.