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Commission Status: OPEN


How to commission me:

Send me an email at with the following: • Type of commission you want (Full body/portrait/sketch/other) • Style you want (realistic/anime/other. Please link me a style reference) • Describe your character(s) • Visual references of your character(s) if you have them • Specify as many as you can: personality, expression, accessories, hairstyles, etc.

I will tell you how much the drawing will cost, and you can feel free to add/subtract details to make it work for you.

The Commission Process

I will do a sketch and send it to you first • During the sketching stages, any revisions are allowed • Once you’ve accepted the sketch, payment is required before I continue • After I receive payment, I will finish up your commission • I will not make any serious changes after the sketch has been approved, as it becomes nearly impossible to erase/change after a certain stage. (Remember, you’re paying for traditional art – not digital)


• The process can take between a few days to a few months, depending on the workload/waiting list. Please be patient. • I’ll keep you updated on the progress • If there is a strict deadline, PLEASE inform me (in case of urgency extra charges may apply)


Notice that all prices are approximate and vary depending on complexity and required style • Here’s the fun part – payment methods can vary. For example, if you have an unused gift card (Target? Etsy? Wal-Mart?) lying around, you can use that to pay some (or all, depending) of the price! You can also feel free to barter and/or haggle, but I DO RESERVE THE RIGHT to refuse/demand money if I deem it necessary/am not interested in the barter. I may allow you to pay in installments, too. • Please notify me when you’ve sent the payment


These сommissions are for personal use only and not for sale. (Giving them as gift is, of course, entirely permissible.) • You can upload the art as long as it’s properly credited • I may post it (as well as process steps and sketches) to any of my online galleries (crediting you as the customer and the owner of the character) • In case of commercial work PLEASE CONTACT ME to discuss terms and conditions



• Refunds are permitted only if you cancel the commission at the sketching stage (I will give you back 50% of the payment)