The Art of Mirriam Neal

Month: October 2015

//not so perfect

‘You’re perfect.’ I hear that sometimes, spoken by a friend or acquaintance, or sometimes practical strangers. I feel a small spark of wow, thank you, but just as quickly that spark fades into a feeling of damp discontent. It’s a lie. I’m not perfect. Nothing about me is perfect. Not my hair, not my eyeliner, …

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Yesterday, Lauren – one of my closest friends and favorite people – said, “You cry very easily and honestly I think it’s a beautiful thing.” Which, of course, nearly made me cry again – because it took a long time to get here; to reach the point where I was comfortable showing my emotions. Most …

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As I sat in a coffee shop the day before yesterday and watched people walk in and sit down, alone or in groups of two or three, I knew I was forming subconscious opinions of them. She thinks she’s too good for anyone else. He’s lonely. She’s unhappy. They might have been accurate observations, they …

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