The Art of Mirriam Neal

Month: April 2015

21 things

Five percent. This is the amount of music I enjoy without mental association with something else – favorite characters, or a novel, or even an idea. I think this is a writer thing, to be honest; I know I’m not the only one who does it. I work really, really hard to be a calm, …

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Beautiful People [Sibling Edition] – The Montgomery Brothers

For this month’s Beautiful People I had a hard time choosing between sibling duos.  It came down to a tossup between Morougha and Isyss from Kenna, or Jackson and Gideon Montgomery from the Salvation series. Vampire siblings or Urscummig siblings? Relatively good siblings, or undeniably bad siblings? I chose the Montgomery brothers, mainly because I …

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Free Barabbas

“Free Barabbas! Free Barabbas!” It’s hard to imagine those words leaving their lips; leaving our lips. Choosing a murderer over holiness. Knowingly casting your vote for the man who would not have been released, if it were not for this day. And yet, I wonder, what would have happened, had it gone the other way? …

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