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elephants, train rides and caverns, oh my!



We spent the weekend in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and I fell in love with the place. If Savannah, Georgia ran into Charleston, South Carolina, I think the result would be something like Chattanooga. We saw The Ringling Brothers/Barnum & Bailey circus, which – while not the old-fashioned, romantic ideal I had in mind and more like a Vegas show – was completely enjoyable. The next day, we went up the Incline Railway (the steepest in the world) to the top of the mountain, where on a clear day you can see six states. We visited the park where the ‘Battle Above the Clouds’ was fought during the Civil War.













And (while I forgot to take my camera) we visited Ruby Falls, an underground waterfall that demanded a two-hour trek through jaw-dropping caves. Fortunately, most of the spaces were large enough that my dislike of tight spaces stayed away , and the destination was worth every second. (Plus, there was the added privilege of being able to poke fun at newcomers on the way back. I think I terrified a few of them by remarking, ‘Look at them, still smiling and happy’ as we passed.)




We ate breakfast at ‘Rembrandt’s,’ a small but fairly perfect café where they thought my name was ‘Merium.’


Angel’s house (my vampire, not Whedon’s). We passed it and I had to get a snapshot – all it’s missing is the long, tree-lined gravel drive.

It’s amazing how even one night away from home makes you eternally grateful for your own bed. I had a great time and would definitely go back to Chattanooga if the opportunity arose. Also, did anyone else see Insurgent this weekend? Because if not, get thee to a theater!


18 thoughts on “elephants, train rides and caverns, oh my!”

  1. LOVE the pics! Tennessee is one of my favorite places. I’m so glad you had fun! ^_^ And oooh, that’s what Angel’s house looks like? Loooove it!

    I wish I knew you were going to Chattanooga because I could have told you about McKay’s bookstore which is basically a piece of heaven. It’s this huuuuge secondhand bookstore place (like, I’m talking warehouse size) with aisles upon aisles upon aisles of used books and is basically the best place ever. We discovered it last time we were that way and just…wow. It was one of the most wonderful places I’ve ever been to. So if you go back and haven’t been, you MUST check it out! There is also one in Knoxville and Nashville, but I’ve never been to those. You can find the link here if you want to investigate it:

  2. My family hilariously took almost that exact same trip when I was three! I remember Ruby Falls and heard all about how Incline railway scared the life out of my mom. XD but of course I ended up getting seperated from my family somewhere along the way and put a damper on our trip due to the missing three year old. 😉 but in case you were wondering, yes I did find them or them me (I’m foggy on which). But yay for Tennessee right? 😉

  3. Ahh, Chattanooga is lovely, though I’ve only been through on quick trips to other places. My favorite time was when we went to the battlefield in early spring and basked in the morning light on the lookout. Sounds like you had a lovely time.

  4. HoLy MoLy. That’s gorgeoussss! And, I must say, that picture of you — if it flashed across my screen super quickly, I wouldn’t know if it was you or Taylor Swift.

    Bottom line: love, love, love this! What camera do you use, by the way? All your pictures turn out so clear.

      1. It really does take amazing pictures! Do you play with the settings or is it just automatic? And how much did it cost, if you don’t mind my asking. 😛

  5. That’s not how I imaged Angel’s house but it’s BEAUTIFUL! Definitely fits him XD

    Also that comment of the people still being ‘smiling and happy’. Oh my word XD I actually did fuss at you out loud about that but it’s hilarious.

    and you’re still beautiful.

  6. Gorgeousness! I’ve never been to Tennessee.

    Loved your comment about the newcomers still being happy. You little imp. XD

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