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life, actually

Life doesn’t look up nearly as much as we think it does, I’ve discovered. Life continues to look straight ahead. We’re the ones who look up – or behind, or down. The direction is entirely up to us. Which is to say, I’m looking up and therefore life is bright. Let me show you some things that have been making me happy lately.

• flowers. the land has been overflowing with daffodils, my rose bushes are budding, and my room is slowly but surely turning into a garden.



• moss. I’m putting it in jars. everywhere. the moss grows outside my window and is the brightest, most vibrant green.


• cedar incense.


• used books + reading! I’ve just finished found by micha boyett and I’m now on the celtic way of prayer by esther de waal (and a stack of novels, too).


• fruits basket. thanks to some girls in my wolf pack dubbing me shigure, I had to re-watch the ridiculous, awesome anime. (for the record, I am shigure.)

• editing dark is the night. it’s been the perfect amount of time; it’s like re-visiting old friends and fixing their flaws, all in one fell swoop.


• my fedora. for real. I wear it constantly. (Eric – I mean, Insurgent tonight!! it’s the midnight viewing but in goergia, that means eight o’clock. why this is, I don’t understand.)


• magazines. wolftree is amazing, by the way.


• we’re going to the circus this weekend. you have no idea how excited I am.

but enough about me; what’s new with you?

14 thoughts on “life, actually”

  1. Oh, your flowers are so pretty! I’m farther up north, so there aren’t really flowers out yet…but soon, I hope! I’ve rediscovered the joys of Percy Jackson; I’ve started rereading the series and it’s just as funny. I’ve also been editing a novella of mine to prepare it for publication…editing is a challenge, but a good sort of challenge.
    Hey…is it too late to beta-read Dark is the Night?

  2. Moss and flowers!! So pretty. 🙂 Moss have in abundance here in Oregon. But the flowers haven’t come up yet. Soon I hope. Though the cherry trees are blossoming, and that’s been wonderful!

  3. Fruits Basket!!! Oh my goodness. That is such an amazing anime/manga. Shigure was to die for. I loved the dual-sidedness they gave him in the manga (it was there in the anime…but not so prominently). I can remember many evenings spent with a friend analyzing his behavior. Such a silly guy on the surface, but hiding a lot of darkness beneath. Augh, don’t get me started. I just think back on his goofy creative tangents, torturing of his poor agent, and strange but sad backstory and then I can’t stop.

    We’re starting to get some flowers in Virginia, too. So lovely. :3 And since the dorm policies mean I can’t have any incense, I improvised with reeds. It smells wonderful! Good to see that you’re in high spirits. Also, awkward because I never comment on here. I’m too forgetful. 😛

  4. Life definitely sounds bright! I really like the moss; the colors really strike me. More reading is always fantastic, and the circus is always hugely fun as well. Here’s to the great things that will come tomorrow!

  5. This post made me unreasonably happy. ^_^ I love all these simple things! And, I must say, the fact that you print out your novels for editing is spectacular. And the fact that it has to do with Angel and Skata is also spectacular. You’re the bomb diggity.

    Today, I woke up much too early, am getting a hair cut later, and am currently enjoying a s’mores hot chocolate from DD (what a time to be alive). 😀

  6. I get inexplicably happy when a new Mirri post pops up, just so you know.

    The flowers are gorgeous, and what a clever idea putting moss in jars like that. I love it!


    You + fedora = perfection.

    Oh, I haven’t been to a circus in yeeeears. How fun you get to go. I hope you enjoy yourself!!

  7. To reiterate Rana’s thought I find it fascinating that you print your document for editing and I can understand why in a way. There is something about psychically scribbling on something that for no reason whatsoever seems easier to get things straight in ones mind. Kudos for that. XD
    I got to appreciate the small thing of having my laptop back (been being fixed for a whole month) and writing on my WIP for the first time in that whole month. Which isn’t a small thing really, but a very refreshing thing. Tho I do have to thank my best bud for getting my head in the game enough just to do that; I am a difficult one to tear away from video games unfortunately. I should listen to him more often. 😉

  8. I just want to take a moment to appreciate that fact that you’re reading the Sackett novels. I grew up on them – playing cowboys and indians in the woods with my brother and cousin – and they hold a special place in my heart…especially the earliest ones.

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