The Art of Mirriam Neal

Month: March 2015

life, actually

Life doesn’t look up nearly as much as we think it does, I’ve discovered. Life continues to look straight ahead. We’re the ones who look up – or behind, or down. The direction is entirely up to us. Which is to say, I’m looking up and therefore life is bright. Let me show you some …

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I promised myself I’d read more non-fiction in 2k15, and I’ve kept that promise to myself (although my fiction-reading has suffered, I’ve made up for it by watching TV shows while I draw). Because of that, I’ve read some of the most amazing, life-changing books I’ve ever had the opportunity of picking up – one …

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who is He

Confession: I’ve always felt slightly pagan. My whole life, I’ve been drawn to the mystical side of the world – toward mystery and stars and standing stones. I’ve been more inspired to faith by works of New Age writers than by most sermons I hear on Sunday morning. I was thinking this over today, wondering …

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