The Art of Mirriam Neal

Month: September 2014


As I’ve said before, I don’t like to blog about vacations – so loads of pictures, here we come! I will say, however, that the highlights of the trip were – 1. Taking a pontoon boat across the lake and back 2. A gorgeous, gorgeous forest walk 3. Many ice cream + coffee trips 4. The …

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Today began the search for The Perfect Red Lipstick. I bought a color called ‘cherries in the snow,’ and while it’s a very fun, vibrant color, it’s too pink to be what shall henceforth be known as TPRL. I was feeling very ‘dolled up with no place to go,’ and so I took the camera …

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I beg your pardon

This is post inception. I am responding to a response. In typical Jenny fashion, she saw a preconception, arched an eyebrow, and said, “I think not.” Generally, I agree with my petite friend. In this instance, however, I have to somewhat disagree…and announce that I am half a stereotype. It is most likely nature, trying …

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tea and cards

Life has a nice routine for me at the moment. Due to a character sketch sheet sale ($10 + $3 for every additional character) I’m running, I’ve been busy with art commissions. I’ll drink something hot – tea or coffee, depending on my mood – pull up a Studio Ghibli movie, and draw. I try and …

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